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Latinos: A Sleeping Giant of the Entertainment Industry

The Latinx audiences across the United States have proven to be consistent ticket buyers. Hispanics comprise more than 18 percent of the U.S. population and about 1/4 of the annual box office’s frequent feature film ticket buyers. English language TV shows starring Hispanics consistently score high in audience polls. Despite this, the Latinx demographic is underrepresented in feature films and other entertainment platforms.

To be truly mainstream, entertainment has to be INCLUSIVE.

Latinx Flix™ embraces the luminaries in motion pictures, television, music, animation, transmedia, reality, short form, and mainstream entertainments that feature non-stereotyped Latinx, urban, and female actors in lead roles.

Inclusive Mainstream Entertainment!

About Us

Latinx Flix™ answers a growing market need for mainstream, broad audience, English-language motion pictures featuring Hispanic creators on both sides of the camera.

Our team comes from multicultural “modern” families, as well as businesses that cross cultures and borders. We feel it’s more important now than in any other time in history to ensure that Hispanics are visible, and to demonstrate that the community is viable, vital, and brings substantial value, both on the silver screen and in theater seats.

Too few Latinos in Hollywood

A recent study by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at USC has brought to light the extent to which Hispanics are underrepresented or represented negatively in film. Despite Latinos accounting for 23% of theater tickets sold, across the 100 top grossing movies from 2007-2018 only 3% of films featured leads or co-leads with Latino actors. There are few Latino content creators behind the camera, and Latinos tend to be shown as negative stereotypes – poor, isolated, uneducated or criminals. Simply put – there are too few Latinos in Hollywood!

The next step is up to you!

As a Latinx performer, artist, writer, director, producer, or crafts person, you’re craving a chance to be seen and represented realistically and fairly… to see your work on that big screen and in living rooms across the country. Our goal with LatinxFlix.com is to help you achieve your goals of meaningful creative work, cultural representation, inclusion, and respect – within the industry and in the public eye.

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