Family Separation During COVID: Dir. Luis Ramón Quintero’s “Mirage”

This July, even as the United States celebrates its freedom, Imagen Award nominated director Luis Ramón Quintero reminds the public that migrant children continue to be separated from their families with his highly anticipated short film, titled Mirage.

Mirage is a magic realism tale about a girl held captive by U.S. border agents, who daydreams and fantasizes about mystical locations as she yearns to be reunited with her parents.  Mirage stars newcomers twin sisters Camila and Denise Cruz-Ramirez, along with Vange Tapia and Ariel Award (Mexican Academy) nominated actor Hansel Ramirez.

“COVID-19 has paralyzed the entire world.  However, as we try to regain normalcy let’s not forget that there are still children separated from their families.  As a filmmaker my goal is to bring social consciousness through entertainment.  With Mirage we are shedding light on the current crisis our border is facing where children are dying. No child should ever suffer. My long-term goal is to eliminate Latin stereotypes in mainstream media and offer a platform where women and people of color can create stories that represent the world we live in today,” says Quintero.

About Luis Ramón Quintero:

Director Luis Ramón Quintero is the founder of Foreshadowing Entertainment.  His short film Guiltless received accolades on the festival circuit.  In 2016, Norman Lear’s Imagen Foundation nominated Guiltless for an Imagen Award in the Best Theatrical Short category.  Luis was a 2014 finalist in the NBC Universal Pictures Emerging Writer’s Fellowship for his screenplay “Shadows of the Soul.”

Luis is a first generation Mexican-American storyteller.  He loves to educate and empower through entertainment.  Having grown up in an under-served community, and choosing to pursue academia instead of the streets, Luis strives to empower young creatives to find their own positive pathways.

Luis served as Chair of the Hispanic Heritage committee at KCET for three years.  He became Vice Chair of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for two years, ultimately becoming the CAB Chair during the final term of its six-year span.  Luis was the youngest CAB Chair in KCET television history.

After six years at KCET he joined the Board of Directors for the Expediente Rojo Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works directly with the LAPD, FBI, Consumer Affairs and other government agencies to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and under-served communities.  A core mission was to educate the communities through public forums, free of charge.  From there, Luis became a mentor for Edward James Olmos’ Youth Cinema Program where he mentors junior high and high school students.

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