Watch: OCTVF Pre-Show Feat. “MAMBOCHELLA” 4pm 7/23

While you’re awaiting the grand event, WATCH today’s Omni Cultural TV Fest Pre-Show featuring the makers of the music documentary, “Mambochella” at 4pm.

Hosted by Kiki Melendez, this week’s Omni Cultural TV Fest Pre-Show features “Mambochella,” a documentary about the history of Mambo music and its Cuban roots, directed by Famian De Cardenas.  Shot on location in Cuba!  See the interview with the filmmakers, Ivelin Giro and Adeline Ferro.

Today’s surprise celebrity guest is Andy Vargas, singer from the iconic group, SANTANA.

The documentary Mambochella takes viewers on a rhythmic journey, following a never-before-seen gathering of award winning artists from every corner of the world, combining their talents to produce an album that pays tribute to Mambo’s golden era while reinventing its eclectic elements, inviting all generations cross-culturally to move to the same vibrational tune.

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Executive Producers: Marco Gomez + Kiki Melendez
Producers: Gian Shines + Nancy Santiago
Coordinating Producers: Alessandra Berry + Dave Cobert
Director: Elvia Barboa
Omni Logo Graphics: Joe Fox
Editor: Gian Shines
Co-host: Cindy Cowan
Music Supervisor: Anthony Vega
Music by: + Dj Ren LA’Mour
Omni Promo footage by: Manuel Cruz

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