Watch: OCTVF Pre-Show Feat. Actor/Filmmaker Corey Craig at 4pm Today

In its continuing series celebrating this year’s selections for the next Omni Cultural TV Fest, today’s Omni Cultural TV Fest Pre-Show features Actor/Filmmaker Corey Craig at 4pm.
This week’s Omni Cultural Tv Fest Pre-Show, introduces last year’s winner for best comedy special, Actor/Filmmaker Corey Craig, and three of his awesome stand-up comedy selections.

Today’s surprise guest is Vicki Barbolak, one of the funniest comics from America’s Got Talent. 

The Pre-Show features an introduction by OCTVF co-founder Cindy Cowan, and is hosted by Kiki Melendez.

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Executive Producers: Marco Gomez + Kiki Melendez
Producers: Gian Shines + Nancy Santiago
Coordinating Producers: Alessandra Berry + Dave Cobert
Director: Elvia Barboa
Omni Logo Graphics: Joe Fox
Editor: Gian Shines
Co-host: Cindy Cowan
Music Supervisor: Anthony Vega
Music by: + Dj Ren LA’Mour
Omni Promo footage by: Manuel Cruz

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